Blackhole How To See

Blackhole How To See

Blac khole


Hello friends today we will talk about Black Hole, the most mysterious thing in the universe. First of all we need to know this is not a science fiction movie story. It is so real that the black hole is so strong that even the big stars of the universe swallow it. Its gravity is so high that it doesn’t even let the lights out. And we don’t even see it. The black hole also slows down time. So friends, many questions remain here. What is a black hole, how is it born? So friends, read the entire article. We will talk about the most strange things in the universe today.

So what is a black hole? If we compress a large mass into a small space, it will become a black hole. Although a little strange to hear, under the laws of physics, anything can turn into a black hole. Like you, me, your mobile, your computer, even our world. Each object has a state where the empty space is removed in the middle of the object’s atom. Then its density will increase so much that it will become a black hole. This state of the object is called Schwarz child radius. So we got a basic idea of ​​what a black hole is.


Black Hole Works


Again we have to figure out how that black hole works. How is it born Since all mass is compressed in a small space when making black holes, you can imagine how high the gravity will be. So what we do know is that there is a geometrical curvature in the gravity space. The higher that curvature, the more it will pull down an object. That’s why so much gravity is the black hole. That’s why he pulls everything down. And this pull is so strong that nothing can get out. Even photons of lights cannot be emitted. But now the question is, how does such a mass compress in such a small space?

Black hole Born


You must have heard that a black hole was created when a burrow star died. As we know, nothing in the universe is permanent or immortal. Just as stars are born to death, every star, even our sun, has a fixed time limit. The larger the star, the shorter the life span of Toto. The larger the stars, the more energy they consume. So this time we will know how to convert a black hole to a star.


The gravitational pull on the stars is so high that due to the nuclear fusion, the atoms of hydrogen form helium atoms. And in this process a lot of energy is released outside .This energy comes out as Radiation. We can see here that two forces work inside the star. One is the Gravitational Force. Which exerts pressure inside the star from the outside. And the second is the Radical Force. Which exerts pressure from the core to the outside of the star. And due to these two forces, the balance of the stars is right. If for some reason the balance of the stars deteriorates, stars are asked to make collapses. So this is why black holes are created. 

How To See Black hole


A big star is needed to create a black hole. After the death of the star, it took three forms. white dwarf, neutron star and black hole. The black hole is formed by compressing all the masses of many large stars and compressing an area. So if we look at the black hole, what we see is called event horizon. It’s so dark, because the lights can’t even come out of it. So if we can somehow get inside the black hole, what can we see there?

So we will see that the lights are slowly going off and the darkness is getting higher. And shortly after that, half of what we were seeing would be dark. Then we tell where we are going. This is where the lights orbit the black hole. Since the lights are orbiting the black hole, if we look at our side while reading the black hole, we can see our back. This is because the light behind us is reflected before our eyes.

What is inside a black hole

Black hole also slows down time. So if anyone sees us jumping into the black hole, he won’t be able to see that we’re entering the black hole. Instead, he will see that we are moving towards a very slow black hole. And as we approach the event horizon, the lights in us and around us will show red. And then you will see it completely disappear. So this is the full explosion of the black hole. And the black hole does not drag everything into it. You have to be very close to him. So luckily, as long as we keep distance from it, we’ll be safe.

So friends, I left here today. Let us bring you more of such science. If you want to see it you can see it in my menu. I update one article daily. Thanks.


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