Facebook Founder biography

Facebook Founder biography

Mark zuckerberg biography

There are hardly any people who have not heard the name of Facebook in the service world. Facebook is the most widely used social network side in the world today. And the founder of th popular Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. The modern world, it is impossible to find a person who does not know Mark Zuckerbock. He is such a successful man who owns a million dollars when he is just 23 years old. Age does not matter if a person has the dream and the humanity to labor. Here is an example by Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programming developer with versatile talent. He is now currently the CEO and Chairman of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg


At just 26 years old, Mark was named Person of the Year in the eyes of Time Magazine. Mark was named Parson of the Year among the 100 most influential and wealthiest people in Time magazine. A movie was made on the basis of Mark’s success in the 2010st. Whose name is the social network. There are stories of Mark Zuckerberg’s life and Facebook discoveries. According to Forbes, in the top 5, Mark was ranked among the top 5 richest people in the world. In 2016. his total assets amounted to about $ 66.4 billion. Today is our talk with Mark Zuckerberg, the second youngest man in the world.

Mark has shown how to achieve success if you have your own dreams and beliefs. I hope the marker biography encourages you to achieve success in your life. Mark Eliot Zuckerberg’s full name is known throughout the world. Mark Zuckerberg was born on 1984 May 5 in New York, USA. His father, Edward Zuckerberg, was a dentist and mother Karen a psychologist. He is the eldest of there four child. Mark was very interested in programming from elementary school. He started writing software while studying in the middle class. Seeing his interest in programming, his father taught him Atari Basic Programming. Then Mark learned about programming from a software developer.

Mark zuckerberg facts

When Mark was only 12 years old, he created a messaging program using Atari Basic programming. The programmer was named Jacknet. He used to make games at the age where children played games. At the same time, he created a music player that any listener could arrange a list of his favorite songs. This program was named Synapse Media Player. He  From 1998 to 2000 he studied at Ardsley High School.. During this time he became popular in Greek and Latin. At 2000, Mark was transferred to the Philips Academy. There he received awards in astronomy, mathematics, and physics. He was the star of the Ocrea and captain of the Ocrea team. Mark graduated from Philips Academy in 2002 and attended Harvard University. There he created a program called facemash.

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It helps students select their courses. During his second year at Mark Harvard, Facebook created what was formerly known as face mash. In it, he used the pictures of the students of the 9 houses in Harvard. He asked the students to vote for which image is better by putting two pictures together. In just four hours on the face mash side, 450 visitors voted in online madam for 22000 pictures. As a result, it became quite popular. Inspired by face mash, Mark started writing code for his new side face book at 2004. He created Facebook at the Harvard Dormitory. This puts the number of Facebook users at about 1 million. Mark decided to use his time to work with it. So he left Harvard University.

Mark zuckerberg face book

Mark relocated to California to relocate his Facebook office. He started working with his friends in a new office. On August 2005, Facebook.com was renamed to Facebook only. Facebook was initially open to Harvard University but opened to the entire world in the 2005. As a result, the number of Facebook users has grown to almost nine billion. Given the huge popularity of Facebook, several big companies hope to buy. But Mark thought of the brilliant features of Facebook and let them down. Bonang He focuses on developing the side more. Then Mark joined Facebook, Instagram, Whats App. Which in turn doubles its popularity.

Mark zuckerberg wife

He has a wife and two daughters in the Mark Zuckerberg family. On May 19, 2012, Mark married his classmate, Priscilla Chan. Mark as a person is quite mixed. He has a strong mind and is very hard working. His dream is to expose the world. Expect the world’s months to come together. In a message in 2012, he says Facebook was not created as a company. It is intended to promote a social goal towards work. Mark thinks that is absolutely unnecessary. He said that taking risks is never risky. The evolution of Facebook to Mark is very surprising. “I used to think before that I still think that if we didn’t do it, somebody else would do it,” he said. Mark thinks he should act as he likes. “We have made the world more transparent by giving people the power to share,” he said.

Inspirational words

Mark Zuckerberg is involved in various social activities. He donated $ 25 million to West Africa. “We do not provide services for earning money, we earn income for better service,” he said. Mark Zuckerberg always says to focus on achieving goals. Because taking action is the key to solving important problems.

So guys, so far today. Mark Zuckerberg’s biography can inspire you. In the future, someone else will bring you the goal, biography.

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