Steve Jobs. What was behind his success

Steve Jobs. What was behind his success

Steve jobs


Death is determined. I’ll die soon too. And that helps me make all the important decisions. Because when I think about death, the fear of being born of all hope fades away. That’s what the founder of digital revelation Steve Jobs said. Steve Jobs, the world renowned entrepreneur, innovator and co-founder of apple inc. So friends are welcome to a new discussion today. Let’s find out Steve Jobs’ success story.


Steve Jobs was born on February 24th 1955. He was born in California, USA. Steve Jobs was born in the house of an unmarried woman. She didn’t want to keep Steve Jobs near her. So she was looking for a family to adopt. She wanted the adopted family to be highly educated. She also got such parents. But the day before they were adopted, they changed their decision and adopted a baby girl child in place of a baby boy.


Steve jobs education


Then Steve Jobs was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs. They were not graduates and were not economically sound. But after that, they promised to teach Steve a good school and take care of him. Steve began his studies at monta loma school. At 1972, was admitted to the Reed  college. Her parents couldn’t pay her college fees, despite the hardships. Steve sees all of the family in trouble, starts work himself. During the holidays, empty bottles of Coldrinks used to sell food and raise money. And there was no room to stay. So he slept on the floor of a friend’s room.


Every Sunday, he cycled eleven kilometers to a temple. Only once for good food. Steve could not continue studying for long. So he dropped out of his studies and started doing his job. Then reed college was the best place to learn calligraphy. Then Steve Reed started to learn calligraphy in college and. Very well learned it. But he himself did not know whether he would use it in the future. About ten years later, with his friend Steve Wozniak, he made a making task computer in his father’s garage. That calligraphy was very useful then. The task of making it became the most beautiful typographical computer in the world. If Steve Jobs didn’t drop college and learn calligraphy, computers would not have been made of such beautiful designs.


If Microsoft Windows didn’t copy it, it wouldn’t have been seen on any computer in the world. That is why you have to believe that whatever is happening right now will be connected to you in the future. Steve Jobs’ father’s garage made the making task computar after the journey of the Apple computer began. Within ten years of hard work, the company of two people from to 4 thousand people.


Steve jobs net worth


Apple and revenue reached $ 2 billion. The company’s growth continues to grow. To make even more profit, Steve Jobs hired PepsiCo Vice President John Sculley as Apple’s SEO. He thought the company would run with him. The first one year everything was fine. Steve Jobs disagreed with John Sculley about what the company’s vision would be like after that. It reaches the board of directors. Then the Board of Directors found John Sculley’s opinion to be correct. As a result, Steve Jobs was thrown out of his own company at the age of thirty.

As a result, he spends many days in Frustration. And getting him out of his own company was a huge lesson for him. So within the next five years he formed two companies like Next and Pixar. pixar company makes the world’s first animation movie toy story In the meantime, the Apple company decided to buy the Pixar company. With this good news, Steve Jobs is back at Apple again. At that time there were over two hundred products in the apple company. Steve arrives and brings it down to ten. Because he always focused on quality. If Apple didn’t get Steve out of it, there would not be such a company as Next and Pixar.


About a year later he became ill. After the checkup he was informed that he had cancer. He was told that maybe he was a guest for three to six months. But later, after the checkup and the operation, the tumor was removed. And he was told again that it was possible to get better with the cancer operation. As a result, he recovered. Then he started working for Apple again. Took the apple to an infinite height. At 20, Apple Company became the largest company in the world.


Steve jobs on death


The legendary techie, Steve Jobs, left the world on October 25,2011 with the cancer. It doesn’t matter what your background is, what your identity is. What you do now, whether you love it or not, is a big deal. Because without good work, one cannot succeed in life. So my goal is to inspire you and help you reach your destination of success.


So friends today. Next day I’ll come to you with a new discussion. I share many more like this on my blog site. You can see if you like.

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