Submarine naval military equipment

Submarine naval military equipment



One of the modern naval military equipment is a dungeon. The use of submarines in World War I and World War II, but during the cold warof the US and Soviet Union, the battle of these terrible monsters on the seabed became extreme. It was in this connection that the Soviet fleet became the largest submarine of the time, named Akula. This episode we will know about the world’s largest submarine used in cold war.


Hello friends , Shipwreck is a huge machine that can operate even in the worst of conditions on earth. Where there is no presence of light and there is a lack of air. Where there is only water and water on all four sides. Resist the pressure of deep sea water and move towards the enemy side. There is no end to the curiosity in people’s minds about diving friends. I have thousands of questions in the minds of ordinary people like you. When was the ship discovered, what is its history, what type of submarine is it and how does it work. Today I will try to find answers to all these questions.

Submarine meaning


First of all we know what a submarine is for and its history. Not only can submarines run above water, they can also run under so much water. Going deep into the sea, its depth is very easy to measure. And the submarines perform very deadly attacks to attack the enemy. Cornelis Drebbel is said to be the father of a Submarine. He first invented sailboats capable of sailing in 1620. He served in the Royal Navy under King James I of England. The first submarine to be built in England was made of wood and leather was given around it. It could go from 3 to 4 meters deep in the water. Then the tendency of people to build submarine gradually increased.


The eighteenth century a variety of submarines were made. In 1980, steam-powered boats were discovered. Then diesel, gasoline and electricity powered submarines are made. For the first time in 1950 years, nuclear submarines were launched with the help of nuclear energy. At present, nuclear-powered submarines are being built more and more. These bodies are made of steel. Among these are advanced technology. That the enemies who are hidden in the sea can easily be traced. Submarine are used to conduct research to improve ocean science.


Submarine underwater

The submarine basically works based on the principle of flotation of the Greek scientist Archimedes. Based on this theory, Cornelis Drebbel created the first submarine. When boat displaces a weight of water equal to its own weight, it floats. This name is often called the “principle of flotation”: A floating object displaces a weight of fluid equal to its own weight. Every ship, submarine, and dirigible must be designed to displace a weight of fluid at least equal to its own weight. Put it straight, suppose an empty bottle will float when you leave it on the water.  Water can be slowly added to it, it will sink slowly.

The first big submarine

The fifties and sixties, the Soviets and the United States began building submarines as very important weapons. Both Soviet and US parties were concerned that their opponents could launch a nuclear attack at any time. So for both of them to counter-attack, the submarine was very useful. At that time, US submarines were ahead, but Soviet submarines had little problem. That is when the submarines made a noise when going underwater. As a result, Americans could easily know the location of Soviet submarines.


Because of being underwater for a long time, a boat would require a lot of fuel. The United States was able to install the first nuclear reactor in their ship to eliminate the fuel problem. The use of a small amount of energy in a nuclear reactor can produce much more energy. Using this technology, the United States landed in the largest 5-foot-tall submarine sea in the seventies. The submarines could carry 20 nuclear bombs, moving about four thousand, six hundred miles in silence. In response, the Soviet state announced the creation of a nuclear-powered submarine.




According to the Soviet declaration, a modern submarine called Soviet forces at sea. The boat is named Akula. In the Russian language, which means shark. About sixt aculas were built in the eighties and nineties. The 574-foot-tall and 48,000-ton Acula was the fastest submarine in those days. The two nuclear reactors mounted in Acula could produce about 22 laks 55,000 horsepower. With this amount of energy it is possible to meet the electricity demand of a small city. The submarine was able to live for about four months, drawn by about 150 people. It was a moving military base under the sea.


Submarin house


The Akula submarine could carry about 10, 100 kilotons of atomic bombs. Each of which is six times more powerful than the Little Boy thrown in Hiroshima, Japan. These submarines had more R39 missiles. The main purpose of building each Acula submarine was to spend US $ 1.5 billion, easily carrying nuclear bombs under the sea. Yet nowadays many countries are discovering such advanced submarines.

The first bomb was used in Hiroshima, Japan. See more about why this atomic bomb was attacked.

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