Universe. Let’s get to the end of Universe.

Universe. Let’s get to the end of Universe.



Ever since the beginning of human civilization, people have been amazed to see the sky. Today, with the help of our ancestors’ assumptions and science, we have succeeded in knowing where our place is in this whole universe. But getting to know yourself was way too long and difficult. There was a time when the earth was considered the center of the universe. If anyone questioned the idea at that time, he would have been severely punished. Because that was the idea in ancient Rome, doubting it meant doubting God.


But over time the truth comes to the fore. And we know where our place really is in this universe. Anyway, today’s article will be like a trip. On this trip we will find out how big our Universe is. In this journey we can go anywhere in the universe with the power of our imagination. We cross the limits of our solar system, to the end of the universe. Today’s article is going to be very informative.

Universe information


The world that is our house. And the only place we know is where life exists. And we are the only intelligent creatures in the world. The journey begins first with our nearest neighbor Moon. There is nothing like the world. There is no air, no water, no life. It is believed that the moon was born 4.5 billion years ago. When the earth with such a large body as a Mars Planet named Thea hit the earth. As a result, debris spread from the earth to the sky gradually accumulates. Later turned into a spherical object. What we know as moon.


About the sun for the next. Our sun is the largest force in our solar system and the only one responsible for creating life on this earth. Under the influence of the sun’s gravity, our entire solar system survives. The first planet to which is Mercury. The planet Mercury is filled with creatures and it looks a bit like our moon. So far only two space crafts have been sent there. In January two thousand eighty high quality pictures sent. Then the next planet in our journey is Venus.

The size of Venus is very much like our Earth. Venus is covered by a thick cloud of acid sheet. Due to which we do not see this land from the earth. Its soil contains a large number of active volcanoes. There are more than one hundred and fifty volcanoes every one hundred kilometers. The study of the planet shows that billions of years ago, there was a lot of drinking water. Which evaporates over time. There is no life on the planet Venus. But scientists assume that there is a place for life in the clouds of this planet.

Planets names

After that our next planet is Mars. To date, after all the studies of science, it can be said that life and water are most likely to be water in Mars apart from our earth. Scientists find Mars to be hundreds of miles away from Earth, most suitable for settlement. When we get further away from this we can see the astoroid belt. Then we can see Jupiter after going some distance. And this is the largest planet in our solar system. Jupiter, with its four large moons and dozens of smaller moons, has built itself a solar system. Even if all the other planets in our solar system were put together, they would not be equal to Jupiter. One of the red spots on this planet is a massive power shale storm. These have been happening together for about 350 years.

Then comes our Saturn planet. That is one of the most beautiful planets in our solar system with its huge ring. This huge ring of Saturn is made with ice. And this ring of Saturn is spread over millions of kilometers. Saturn has 12 moons. The biggest moon in it is Titan. The only moon in our solar system that holds the atmosphere. Going further than that, we will find Uranus and Neptune. The farthest planet in our solar system. We had no idea about that before. That was after the discovery of the telescope. After all these planets are the Kuiper Belt. Where there are millions of astoroid. It seems like the world of billions of astoroids is wandering around here.

Planets information


After moving further away, we will reach the end of our solar system. From here our sun also looks like a normal star. We are so far away from the sun that it takes a year to reach the sunlight. But the effect of the gravity of the sun is not over yet. Trillions of trillions of comets are still here because of the sun’s gravity. This huge cloud of comets encircles our solar system. It is a cloud of comets that will billions of kilometers away from one comet to another. After that, the gravitational force of our sun ends here. After coming so far, we have crossed the limits of our solar system.


But we have not finished this trip yet. Now we are passing through a place where it is only dark and dark. We can see nothing here with our eyes. But here too we can see the existence of a strange thing. And that is the worst planet. I have a planet that they don’t have. The one who walks alone in this darkness. The number of these planets will be in the millions in our Milky Way galaxy. All these planets are like those who lost their families after birth. They are usually covered in ice.


We have come a long way in our travels now. Now come to our Milky Way Galaxy. We’re just a small point in this galaxy. It is 30,00 light years away from the center of our galaxy. This is where we crossed our journey. Somehow we have moved so far from our homes that even the light has to travel thousands of years to come here. But from here we can see our neighbor Andromeda Galaxy. Scientists estimate it will collide with each other after about four billion years.


Universe vs galaxy


Similar to our galaxy, such a large number of galaxies together form a local group. And they are so large that we can’t even find our galaxy here. What is even more surprising is that thousands of local groups together form a super cluster. This means that there are thousands of local group stores in a super cluster.


Where small galaxies like the dots appear. And there are billions of stars in each galaxy. We can call this super cluster a small part of our Universe. Because we have about 10 million supercluster potential in these anavers. And this 10 million supercluster combined with our Universe. By now, our science has come to an end. Before that we can neither see nor guess. And that’s why we call it observable universe. The diameters of our observable Universe are about 91 billion light years. This means that it will take 91 billion years for the lights to move from one end of the Universe to the other.


Universe laws

So guys it’s just the size of the observable Universe. We do not know how big the whole Universe is. Now the question is, does this come to an end, does everything end? Nor do some scientists think that such an observable Universe is in the form of sea water. Whose quantity is infinite. This is called Multiverse Universe. But guys it’s just a fantasy. It may also prove wrong.

Do you find yourself feeling too young after friends came to this place in Universe? Although we are small, our thinking is not small. We have collected all this information in the guise of science. Imagine the time when telescopes were not invented. Then the world was as far as people could see. We have learned a lot from the centuries we have spent. And in science, we can find out more about our Universe information with the help of science.

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