voyager golden record voyager fact

voyager golden record voyager fact

The voyager

The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space crafts were created to transport space craft by August 1977. The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 NASA scientists work very hard to get to know all the unknowns of our planet. NASA first sends Voyager 2 into space between Voyager 1  1977 on August 20. Voyager 1 was launched on 1977 September 5. But because of the speed of the Voyager 1, the setter goes ahead of the Voyager 2 in December. This mission is one of the greatest missions in human history. These two space fighters were the great warriors who were created to win in a long and difficult battle. 5 year planning, The space is created with the tireless work of scientists and more than 36,000 small machines. There were countless mathematics and calculations behind it.

Voyager mission

Before we start Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, let us know some unknown facts about this space provider and mission. At the age of 1977, NASA scientists were working on a Voyager mission. And the main purpose of their mission was to collect as much information as possible. Among them were Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus. At that time we knew nothing about these planets, the moons of the planets and their environment. Because then there was only one instrument for studying all these Greek. And that was the telescope. With the help of this telescope, we could know just about anything from the earth. We needed to collect as much information from those planets as possible.

How all those planets were created, what those planets are, what all those planets look like, as we see with the telescope. It was necessary to look at those planets to know the information hidden in those planets. But that was not the only reason for sending the mission at that time. There was one more reason. And that is why it was much easier to study one planet after another because of the fact that each planet in our solar system maintained a correct distance. According to the scientists, all of our Solar System planets have such a position once in 175 years. Because of this, if this mission is not utilized this time, then Voyager would not be able to study our planets anymore.

where are the voyagers now

Two space crafts were created for more than $ 1 billion. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. Scientists knew that this spacecraft would travel out of our solar system at one time to travel. For this reason scientists say that because we are a multi-dimensional aliens or intelligent creatures like us, let us give a message in this space craft. It means humankind, which was for another alien civilization. If this message reaches any future civilization, then they should know that there is something in this universe called human civilization. And the great scientist who gave this idea was Carl Sagan. Carl Sagan was a famous scientist at the time. He was one of those people who thought we were not alone in this universe. Like us, there is a lot of civilization in this universe.

Voyager golden record

A Golden Recorder was created in Carl Sagan’s Idea. A record that contained information about human civilization. How to play this thing with him is given an image. It contained 55 languages ​​on the earth, 115 pictures, and included music. Whether this human civilization is over, billions of years into the future will hold our memory. It is a great pleasure for us to get to know our solar system. But in the meantime, if we can somehow get in touch with a law firm, that would be a big find.

Voyager 1 arrives on its first Planet Jupiter on January 1979. On the other hand there was still 4 months left to reach Voyager 2 Jupiter. Voyager starts sending the Jupiter Pitch. All these pictures were cleaner than the first-ever Picture. When a deep study of Jupiter’s red spot sent by Voyager 2 is studied in depth, it is understood that it and many other storms like this have a lot of reserves. Voyager helps study more than a dozen storms running in Jupiter. But so far this billion dollar space craft is in danger. Jupiter’s strong magnetic radiation increases the probability of it being lost. If Voyager 1 had been destroyed, all the labor would have been in vain. But Voyager proceeds to save himself in some way. With it, Voyager Jupiter picked up some pictures of the moon that were clear.

Jupiter moons

Jupiter had his mission after Saturn, so his mission was Saturn. Really scary takes 1 years. At that time, the viewer could detect alien civilization in such a location. With the help of fear, Saturn and the high quality picture of his ball can be seen. Which could only be seen in the midst of an earthly telescope. But Voyager makes it big and puts us in front of us with the details. At the same time, it’s a lot of the day about Saturn’s ball that we didn’t know before. This introduces us to our Saturn’s moon Titan. It is through fear that we learn that the titan is full of nitrogen. And this could be the methane river.

The work of Voyager 1 ends here.Now Voyager started working. Which has to go to Uranus from a lot of Saturn. On January 7, Voyager arrives at Uranus. About which mankind had no idea. The view of the planet was seen through the Voyager II. But there are still things to surprise friends. The shortest and closest moon in Merinda, Uranus. Which was first studied by Voyager II. In addition to this, Voyager looks for Uranus radiation belts and four more small moons. That was weird. Then Voyager’s Next Planet was Neptune. Voyager arrives on Neptune on August 1989th.


Voyager 1 speed

Neptune has the latest reserves in our solar system. In all the pictures taken from the earth till now, Neptune was seen as small and small. But when I was able to see from it with the help of the dreaded II, a new information came to the scientists. And that is one of the biggest spots on the planet. Voyager 2 goes further. Voyager then bid farewell to all the many planets in our solar system. Voyager did not share anything with us on this trip. About which we knew nothing before this mission. With the help of these two space craft, we learned about 4 planets and their moons.

Not only that, with all this data, scientists plan to launch more missions in the future. So it would not be wrong to say that Voyager paves the way for a future machine. Brides We know a lot about Voyager today. Next I will bring you some of the more interesting things. be well. Thanks.

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