world war II date

world war II date

World war 2 timeline


The Second World War is one of the most horrific wars in the history of world politics. The horrific war, which began in the 1939th, witnessed the world for the first and last time the use of horrific weapons such as nuclear weapons. In the Second World War, nearly 70 million people died in addition to the loss of huge military and civilian assets. More than 100 million military pure participated in this continent from almost 30 countries. Today we will know about the most horrific war in human history.

World war 2 causes


The twenty-first year of World War I, the world faces another great war. World War II was more frightening and brutal than World War I. Originally, World War I formed the backdrop of World War II in post-World War II. The aftermath of the First World War, some conditions were forcibly imposed on the defeated countries, including the Allied powers of Germany. At that time, there was no way for the defeated Germany and the Central Powers to accept these humiliating and forcible roads. Those disgraceful treaties are largely the cause of World War II.

Hitler, a Nazi leader from Germany, has been opposed to these false claims since. Later, under his leadership, Germany was exposed to revenge and composed a platoon of World War II. Although the United States was founded on the then US presidential effort, the US Senate did not approve it. As a result, nations were responsible for England and France, but in the absence of such large states as the United States and the decorated unions, they bore the brunt of global tensions. After World War I, England, France and the United States shared most of the world’s colonies. There were no colonies in Germany, Italy or Japan at that time. Extreme tensions arose in the international arena when these countries started trying to occupy colonies to increase their population and collect raw materials.

Causes of world war 2

This tension created many parts of the Second World War. The other hand, after the First World War, many analysts also regarded France’s stupidity as one of the leading causes of World War II. The ruling groups of these countries joined in the spread of imperialism in the neighboring states. Japan, China and many other cities were occupied by this succession. Italy occupied Abyssinia in the 1938th. Germany also became focused on expanding the empire. Russia, on the other hand, was looking for a way to enter the Mediterranean by occupying neighboring countries. The imperialist expansion of the mighty nations is one of the reasons for World War II.

Instead of stopping Germany and Italy from focusing on the expansion of the empire, England and France, on the contrary, took the opposite approach. The policy of England and France helped Germany to become stronger under Nazi leader Hitler. The relentless Germany invaded many countries, including Austria. Which set the stage for World War II. The nation failed to take effective measures to protect world peace. stop the expansion of empire for various reasons, including organizational defects. As a result, Germany, Italy and Japan began to display aggressive and occupational attitudes.

Which leads the world to another frightening war. Agreement was signed between Britain, France, Germany and Italy in Munich, Germany, on 1938 September 29. Which is known as the Munich Treaty Name. An agreement was reached between Britain, France and Poland in the wake of the upcoming Poland invasion. Which means ensuring direct military assistance to each other.

World war 2 when


On 1939 September 1, Hitler invaded Poland. At that time, England and France declared war on Germany, leaving Germany with a blasphemy. And in the meantime, World War II officially began. The world’s most powerful states are divided into two military alliances and join the war. Allied countries, such as the United States, the Soviet Union, Britain, France and Canada, participated in the Alliance’s military alliance. On the other hand, countries like Germany, Japan, Italy and Romania form axis forces. At the beginning of World War II, Germany occupied most of Europe. On the other hand, the Allies of Germany invaded the United States and the European colonies in the Pacific. Were able to conquer most of the territory in the West Pacific.

world war 2 facts

On 1941 December 7, Japan attacked the US Navy in the Hawaii Islands. In the aftermath of this attack, the United States was directly involved in a direct war against axis power. Direct participation in the United States’ war, stopping the conquest of the Axis powers, has led to defeat. On the other hand, Germany was forced to surrender in the Soviet Union. Hitler’s erroneous Renault tactics. Later on 1944  7 June, France occupied Germany again by means of the invasion of Britain, Canada and the US.

On 1945 May 8, Germany was finally defeated by the Allies. On the other hand, the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. on 1945 August 6 and 9, in retaliation for the Hawaii invasion. As a result of the atomic bomb, two areas were completely destroyed, killing about 5 lakh people. After the nuclear bomb was dropped on 1945 August 14, World War II ended in the wake of Japan’s devastating surrender.

World war 2 summary

The impact of World War II on the history of world politics was very broad and far-reaching. As a result of this war, the United States and Russia gained the status of world power. Britain, France, Italy and European countries were ranked second. Seeing the horrors of World War II, the United Nations was formed to establish world peace. World War II led to the emergence of world governance under the leadership of the US and Soviet Union. Which later played an active role in creating the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Korean Crisis and the Vietnam War background.

After the outbreak of World War II, Germany and the United States turned to each other in search of a nuclear bomb-making strategy. The Americans were very apprehensive that the Germans might have invented a nuclear bomb at any time. Later, Americans made the first nuclear bomb and changed the history of the world.

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