Nuclear Attack: Which We Should Do.

Nuclear Attack: Which We Should Do.

Atomic bombs

There are still more than 15,000 atomic bombs worldwide. Which is enough to destroy the entire world and human civilization by its destructive power. About 90 percent of these atomic bombs are in the United States and Russia. The remaining 10 percent is in Iran, China, France, India, Pakistan, London, North Korea and Israel. To date, this nuclear bomb has been used only once in war. That was done in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Millions of people died in the explosion. Due to the radiation of the atom, many babies have been born with physical reflexes for decades.

No nuclear-rich country has applied such a dreadful weapon until after this horrific nuclear attack. But at the present time there is very little chance of an event like Japan. If that happens, then it will take a terrible form. And that will change the map of the world. So guys you are at From today’s discussion, we will know how devastating a 250 kilo-ton TNT nuclear bomb can be. And if an attack, is it possible to hope to somehow survive back? We will know the answer to all these questions from today’s discussion.

Nuclear Attack

Imagine a city inhabited. Where about a billion people live. There everyone is busy with his daily work. Now, suddenly, there is an atomic attack of 250 kilotons of TNT and what happens if you are in that city. Let’s know that. When such a bomb explodes, a huge fire will erupt within seconds. Whose temperature is higher than the sun’s. And its plasma will burn everything within a kilometer within a moment. Whether it’s a building or an iron bunker. Everything will evaporate within seconds.

In the area 3 km from the Blast Center, there will be nothing. When this atom is blasted, it will create so much light that thousands of suns are shining together. And if you try to look at it, you can go blind for a few minutes. Which will put you in a lot of danger right now. If you survive this, you will face something even more terrifying. Within seconds of blasting, everything within the 7 kilometer radius from the blast center will be on fire. If you are in that place at this time, your body will be horribly burnt in flames. By that you can understand.

Nuclear attack affect humans

With 1 to 2 km radius, you will die with every creature. But if you’re far from it, the next steps of nuclear explosion will put you in even greater danger. Within seconds of blasting you will experience a horrible shock wave. This shock wave is made up of plasma heat and radiation generated from nuclear explosions. Where the breeze becomes very hot, it is terribly hot. Which is spreading rapidly around. And it can destroy all kinds of buildings and trees, being within a 3 kilometer radius. All types of gas stations within the city and various energy resources can be set on fire. Which will affect thousands of people.

Despite all this, the bomb will not go away right now. When the nucleus explodes, a mushroom cloud is formed. It is a few kilometers wide and long. So hot plasma, made by dust and debris of the building. Whenever this cloud is created, it will be dark around it. If you are also 13 kilometers away from the Blast Center, you can try visiting this mushroom cloud. It will only be for a few seconds. Because the shock wave created, it will come to you now. Which can break the windows, doors and car windows of your home. This shock wave will damage an area of ​​503 square kilometers.

1 Megaton tnt bomb

It was just a 250 kiloton TNT bomb. If the bomb was 1 megaton tnt, it would destroy everything within 20 km from the blast center. The impact of the shock wave of this bomb will be up to 1255 square kilometers. Nuclear attack brings with it all the disasters. Such as earthquakes, tsunamis and severe storms. In the city where this explosion will take place, there will be floods of death. Those who survive the wounded will also be left as helpless to save their lives. But there will be no one to help them. Friends think maybe it’s all over here. But no friends.

After 30 to 35 minutes of this explosion, the nuclear fallout will begin. That means a rain where radiation from the sky will be falling. People who survived the explosion will also die within a matter of days or weeks for this fallout. Roads, railways, networking systems will all be destroyed. Because of this, it will be very difficult to get government help. At this time it will be difficult to help in the sky. Because staying in the area for more than two hours now will cause serious harm to the body. This shows how difficult a nuclear explosion can be.

Which We Should Do

I know you have a question, is there any way to prevent this disaster? Yes friends, there is. If you can apply it at the right time. First of all, you need to know where the risk of a nuclear attack is highest. If a country attacks a nuclear war, their first target will be a VIP person, army bases, weapons stores, big cities and populous areas. Nuclear attacks will be the last weapon of war. Take a closer look at what the war situation is like. You will be able to survive a nuclear attack right away, while you will have an underground shelter to avoid a nuclear attack.

A good underground shelter, should be 10 feet below ground. So let’s know about some useful things. Which will keep you alive for up to 5 days at this underground shelter.

  • Herbal foods, which can contain all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Not any type is noneveg. Because poisoning food from noneveg is most likely.
  • Keep the bottles of mineral water you need. You can also arrange a large water tank if possible.
  • Put on a radio. Because immediately after the nuclear attack, your mobile phone will go unemployed.
  • Make arrangements for several clothes.
  • Get some much needed books. Which will help you stay a few days under the ground.
  • Arrange for the first aid kit. It contains all kinds of drugs, which include headache, body aches, vigor, sleeping medicines, etc.
  • Torch lights and batteries. Which will save you from the darkness.

If a nuclear attack

Now if there is a nuclear attack and you are within 2 kilometer radius from that location, then you can do nothing. Within seconds of being attacked, you’ll be completely vanished. And if you are 2 kilometers away from the location of a nuclear attack, you might survive. After hearing the first bang, you will have 5 seconds if you have too much. As you hear the explosion, you come to a dealer and lie down. And with your two hands on the head, cover your ears. And cross the leg. Because now the shock wave is coming to you. Which will be much stronger than the first bang. If you survive the shock wave, try to come to your underground shelters without delay. Because the fallout will start shortly.

Go to the underground shelter and take a bath with clean water first. Because there is no nuclear dust in your body. The more you read, try to eat less. Spend as much time as you read. And keep listening to the radio. The rescue team will arrive in your area within 5 days after moving to the underground shelter. Then, according to information found on the radio, you leave and go to the rescue team. And if you don’t have a rescue team nearby, you should spend 20 days there. And then get out there and seek help. Because after about 20 days, the atomic storm will remain. Then as soon as possible you move away from this city.

Not for destruction

Friends, our world is very beautiful. This world is not for destruction or destruction. This world is for love only. We should save the world by having good relations with one another. Because this is our house. If we destroy this house, where will we go? , Then there will be neither earth nor any human. Our minds are getting worse day by day. For which today we have risen to destroy one another. Think once, why is this jealousy among us, why this conflict? Can we not love each other in peace? Yes we can. Let’s all build a world of love together.

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