Space Debris: Disaster in space

Space Debris: Disaster in space

Space Debris

Ever since mankind’s dream of conquering space has become reality, many man-made machines have been floating in space. Various types of satellites are constantly orbiting our Earth. But after the expiry of these satellites, it becomes a space debris. These Debris are extremely dangerous for future space travel. In our episode today, we will learn about man-made space debris in space. Friends talk is going to be very informative. Hope you can find out something new today.

Space debris map

Thousands of satellites have jammed into Earth’s orbit. Planning for the launch of more new satellites is underway. But parts of the old rockets, or broken pieces of artificial satellites in space, revolve around the Earth in an uncontrollable way. The possibility of a collision with a rocket or satellite with Space Debris is increasing day by day. In addition to the massive ruins of artificial satellites and rockets, large quantities of Debris cover our world. To monitor and resolve this Debris problem in space, NASA has a special branch called the orbital debris program office.

According to their observations, approximately 20,000 Debris rotate around the Earth, equivalent to a tennis ball. These Debris speeds are about 28,000 kilometers per hour. Also in the form of 500,000 Glass Marble and over one hundred million tiny Debris in space. The US space surveillance network identifies debris orbiting more than 10 cm in size around the globe. In the interest of aerospace safety, although the location of large Debris is always monitored, it is not possible to observe many small Debris.

Space debris around earth

Not only Debris, but also the growing artificial satellite, has endangered the space around our planet. In 2009, two US and Russian satellites collided. Satellite two push each other at speeds of up to 42,000 kilometers per hour. The disaster caused about 2000 Debris. These Debris orbit around the globe. All around Debris, there are lower orbits of the earth, several hundred artificial satellites and international space stations. Despite the growing risk of space debris, powerful countries are creating new problems to show their influence.

In 2007, China launched a missile test on a satellite of their own. It is estimated that in the space of the experiment, about 3000 Debris have been created. India also recently launched anti-satellite weapons tests in space. As a result of this experiment, more than 50 new Debris have been added to the space. With no laws on the creation of debris in space or the testing of anti-satellite weapons, powerful nations are making the atmosphere in space more dangerous.

Space debris removal

Dealing with the problem of space debris is one of the biggest environmental challenges for the human race. The european space agency will launch its first space mission in 2025 to remove garbage from Earth’s orbit. With the help of a special mesh, Debris gathers objects from space, trying to move them from Earth’s orbit. However, NASA, the top aerospace research organization, sees the space Debris as a special technical and economic challenge. Since sending the first satellite into space in 1957, our Earth’s orbit has become a stack of Debris.

Scientists speculate that, once around the Earth, like the ring of Saturn, Debris’s ring will be formed. It would be very dangerous to cross the earth into space. This Debris will pose a serious danger not only to space travel, but also to living on Earth. But for people living in space, these Debris have already issued dire warnings multiple times. Although small space Debris hit the international space station, no major accidents have occurred so far. The international space station is the only place in space where humans have been living for two decades.

International space station

The international space station exceeds 28,000 kilometers per hour. The station takes only 92 minutes to rotate the earth once at this speed. If you want to know about international space station, the largest man-made installation outside the world, you can read my discussion on this topic. Each of my discussions is like a story. I write my articles in very simple English. This makes it easy to understand the discussions even if the English are not good.

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