Surface of some interesting planets

Surface of some interesting planets


Of the 8 planets in our solar system, only one planet occupies life. Where we live billions of lives, billions of years. That’s why we know a lot about the surface of the planet. We know about the natural environment of this planet. We know what they look like in the night sky here. How about, daylight in the sun, we know that too. We even know how our universe looks from here. But you know what the surface of another planet is like? And what can be seen from there? We know today, about the surface of some of the weirdest planets in the universe.

Gliese 667 Cc

First, we will know about a planet like ours. The name of the planet “Gliese 667 Cc”. The surface of this planet is the same as our earth. But the most surprising thing about this planet is that it is conducting three suns. That triple star system planets. Whenever you stand on the surface of this planet, you will see very strange skies. Where there will be three suns. The planet is full of light. Even then, scientists think it is possible to live here. Because this planet is in Habitable Zone. This planet is 23.6 light years away from us.

PSR B1620−26 b

Now we know about “PSR B1620−26 b” planet. Friends this is the oldest planet in our universe. The planet is more than 13 billion years old. For this reason, the planet is also called senior citizen. The planet is 12,500 light years away from our planet. That’s 2 times bigger than our solar system’s Jupiter. It’s a huge gas giant planet. This is why you cannot stand on the surface of this planet.

HD 187 933b

Now we know “HD 187 933b” about the planet. This planet is very strange. No civilization in the universe will try to get to this planet. Because the surface of the planet is terrific. On this planet, it is raining glass. This planet is 63 light years away from our Earth. The atmosphere of this planet is filled with silicon particle. Particularly here, the glass is responsible for the rainfall. The air on this planet, at very supersonic speeds. Which makes the planet even more terrifying.

Gliese 1214 b

Now we know “Gliese 1214 b” about the planet. There is no surface surface on this planet. This planet is completely in the water. It is true that there is land here too. But it’s a few kilometers down the sea. If you do not stand on this planet, you can swim. Scientists are speculating that there might be life here. But what form it is, it is not yet known. Water plays a very important role in creating life. And that’s why there is a full potential for life here. But there are very big tsunamis. That goes up to a few kilometers. As a result, it is very dangerous to land here.

Let’s know about our planet in the Solar System.


Let me start first, about the nearest Planet mercury to our Sun. Since this planet is closer to the sun, there is no atmosphere on this planet. For this, if you stand on this planet, you will not find any kind of wind here. Neither storm nor rain. This is why the planet looks very quiet. But because the sun is closer and there is no atmosphere, the surface of this planet is very hot. The temperature here is 427 degrees Celsius during the day. Which makes it awful. Besides, the land of this planet is not flat. There are big hills in the narrative. The atmosphere and surface of mercury are somewhat like our moon.


Now we know “venus” about the planet. At 462 degrees Celsius, this planet is the hottest planet in our solar system. Here sulfuric acid clouds are found. The planet’s atmosphere has 96 percent carbon dioxide reserves. For this reason, the atmosphere in this planet is so dense that it absorbs the heat of the sun. Due to which the surface of the planet becomes very hot. Friends If you stand around Venus and look around during the day, you can only see thick clouds. You cannot see the sun directly. But it is true that you can understand where the sun is for the light of the sun.

Venus is a rocky planet. Only volcanoes can be seen around this planet. We have the highest volcanic reserves of the solar system on this planet. There are about 1600 active volcanic reserves on this planet. In addition, thousands more volcanoes are inactive. Every 100 kilometers here, there are more than 200 volcanic reserves. For this I cannot go on this planet with current technology. Because the extra temperature will ruin the spacecraft.


Now we know “Mars” about the planet. This planet is also a rocky planet. This planet has a lot of ice in deep holes, mountains and polar regions. There is a dry river here. Where there was water in the past. Due to the high amount of iron in the surface, the planet’s land is red. NASA has landed a robot named Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity on this planet. Which gave us a lot of unknown information about Mars. There are big storms of dust on this planet. Which often covers the entire planet. Friends, if you stand on the surface of Mars, you can see the sun as we see it.

Mars can see two moons in the night sky. Deimos and Phobos. On this planet, Olympus Mons is the largest mountain in our solar system. Looking at the surface of the planet, scientists assume that once in the past there was life on this planet. Which is doomed to some kind of disaster or changing atmosphere. If you want to know more about Mars, you can read my article about Mars. Which I have already discussed.


Now we know “jupiter” about the planet. jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. As you can imagine on this planet, if we were to combine 1300 Earths like ours, Jupiter would be the same. The planet is covered with gas. There is no fixed land like ours here. So you can’t stand anywhere on this planet. As you enter this planet, you will see many layers of clouds on this planet. The planet is mainly made up of hydrogels, helium, ammonia and methane gas. There is a terrible storm on this planet. Some storms have been going on for several hundred years. Although not a surface type, there is something special at the core of this planet. Which I will discuss in the next article in Jupiter.


Now we know “Saturn” about the planet. Saturn is a beautiful planet. Increased the beauty of this planet, its ring. Made of ice and stone. The planet is made up of hydrogen, helium, methane and all other gases. There is no surface on this planet. But from this planet, you can see the beautiful ring and the distant sun. In our solar system, this Saturn with the largest number of moons. In all, 82 moons. That was discovered a while back. The largest of these is the name of the moon, Titan. Which is completely covered by methane.


Now we know “Uranus” about the planet. It is also a gas giant planet. There is no land here. But there is freezing gas, which is in the form of ice. For all this snow, this planet looks brilliant. The planet is made up mainly of hydrogen, helium and methane. The coldest planet in our solar system. The temperature of this planet is minus 224 degrees Celsius. Even on this planet there is a ring like Saturn. That has increased the beauty of this planet, many times. But this ring is not as wide as the Saturn. And this ring is extremely thin.


Now we know about “neptune”, the last planet in our solar system. This is the 8th planet in our solar system. It is also a gaseous planet. The planet is somewhat similar to Uranus. But even after being farther away from the sun, the planet’s temperature is minus 214 degrees Celsius. That’s just 10 degrees above Uranus. The gas here is in the form of ice. The fastest wind in our solar system is on this planet. Which has higher speeds than supersonic speeds.

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