Terraforming mars by nuclear explosion

Terraforming mars by nuclear explosion

Earth day

The earth is the home of millions of animals, including humans. But at present, our house is experiencing global warming, pollution, nuclear waste and more populations. Apart from this, there is a danger coming from outer space. Such as an asteroid, which is enough to destroy human civilization in an instant. In view of all these dangers, the human race has an important question. That is, will the human race be able to sustain their existence for the next 200 years?

Without natural causes, man will not be in danger of his existence. But nuclear war could end human civilization at any time. Because of this, in order to sustain our human race in this universe, we have to choose another planet in the solar system. Apart from the earth in our solar system, there are more planets or moons. Mars is the perfect planet among them. Where in the future human civilization can go and live. But human settlement in Mars is quite expensive and time consuming. The most terrifying feeling for our planet is when we humans leave this world and go to another planet.

Human race

Twenty centuries ago, we thought we were in a very safe place. But now the situation has changed. The probability of the extinction of humankind is growing alarmingly. On this matter, the great scientist stephen hawking said that within 200 years the human race would be in crisis. For this reason, decades of research has shown that Mars is the only useful place outside the world in the future. We know that Mars is a very cold and lifeless planet. But what if we could make the entire Mars planet suitable for living? That means we can Terraforming it.

Terraforming may sound unfamiliar to you. But this is nothing new to science. Scientists have provided different approaches to terraforming. Currently scientists are discussing nuke mars ideas. Where scientists will explode several atomic bombs in Mars. From which Mars may be fit to live. Now you may be wondering how this is possible. We all know that atomic bombs can make the earth unusable. So how does that atomic bomb fit Mars? From today’s discussion we will learn how it is possible to terraform the planet Mars.

Terraforming mars

Although Mars is a lifeless planet, there are many types of material stored. Which can make it conducive to life. Such as water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. At the same time, ancient river and volcanik molecules can be found here. From which it is clear that there was once liquid water in Mars. Maybe there was life too. Despite its resemblance to the world, there is something in Mars for which Mars is not currently favorable to the human race. Let’s know about them.

There is not enough air in Mars and there is not enough sunlight. Because of this, Mars’s average temperature is minus 80 degrees Celsius. Also Mars’s atmosphere is very thin. Because of this, solar radiation drops into the soil of Mars. Also higher levels of carbon dioxide in Mars, make Mars even more terrifying. Moreover, the gravity of Mars is much less than that of Earth. Due to which astronaut will go there, they will face many kinds of problems. Human settlements in Mars will be very difficult for humans. Where a large amount of money and time will be needed.

SpaceX company

We can make the planet Mars completely like our planet by terraforming. After decades of research, scientists think that Mars can be made like our planet. Scientists have brought a number of trials to terraforming Mars. With which we can make Mars suitable for human settlement. It’s not just something terraforming is easy. Technology, budget and environmental issues will be faced. Currently Elon Musk, the founder of spacex company, has made a decision. spacex is a company that has a long way to go to send people to Mars and settle Mars.

This SpaceX company is only 17 years old. But at the time of launching the satellite, all the space agencies on Earth have lagged behind. The company has been working fast to send people to the moon once more and to settle human settlements in Mars. Elon Musk, head of SpaceX, thinks that if we want Mars to fit human habitation, then Mars’s atmosphere and temperature should be like ours. He describes a relatively simple and effective method for this. According to him, if atoms can be exploded in the atmosphere of Mars’s polar atmosphere, human settlement can be fitted there.

Nuclear explosion

According to Elon Musk, nuclear explosion in Mars atmosphere acts like an artificial sun. That will melt the ice that is frozen in Mars. At the same time, combining carbon dioxide and other gases for nuclear explosion will cover Mars’ atmosphere. From which the greenhouse effect will be created. And the cold climate of Mars, will slowly start to heat up. At the same time, the thin atmosphere for carbon dioxide will gradually become thicker. That will protect humans from solar radiation in Mars. According to this suggestion by other scientists, including Elon Musk, thousands of atoms will be exploded using the technique.

From which the planet Mars, in a few hundred years, will be suitable for once more. And Mars will thrive on plants. But of course, this technique sounds as simple as it sounds, in fact it is not at all. This technique will cost a lot of money. Besides, there are many types of dangers. Some scientists believe that the use of atoms will cause marshes to cover with dust. Which can further reduce the temperature of Mars. And maybe that is where nuclear winter begins. Which will make it much cooler, rather than hot. At the same time, there is a fear of radiation spreading in Mars’ land and atmosphere. That could ruin our future house, Mars.


As it turns out, this idea of ‚Äč‚Äčterraforming Mars may be contrary. Since the main purpose of human being to live on another planet is to sustain human existence. So we need to be very careful in Mars. And if an organism is under the ground of Mars, they must also be careful not to cause any harm. So guys, from this discussion today, we learned about Mars. At the same time, we learned how Mars can be terraforming. It is true that even after terraforming Mars, it will not be like our world. As such, its gravity will never be the same as our planet’s gravity. Even then we will find a planet where human existence is possible without the earth.

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