Trying life-type on the moon

Trying life-type on the moon

Moon of earth

People have been searching for life outside the world since ancient times. It continues to the present time, and still continues in the future. At present, China has reached the moon to search for this life, where no other space agency on earth has yet arrived. China first produced saplings from Kapas cotton seeds in a container for the first time on the moon. Which is a wonderful thing to everyone. As a result, scientists can expect life on the moon. China has also sent mustard, kapas, potatoes, Flies eggs and Fungus to the moon in those containers.

Now if you want to know in detail why Chinese scientists sent all these things, then watch my discussion in full. Guys, let’s get started with one more new discussion today. China Saplings of the Kapas Tree on the Moon on January 14, the first ever. But sadly, that tree died the next day. This is because the temperature of the moon changes drastically. At night, the moon’s temperature drops to minus 170 degrees Celsius. Which causes the tree to die.

Moon mission

As we all know well, for any tree to grow, sunlight is required. During the day the tree was dependent on sunlight. And at night when the temperature drops to minus 170 degrees, the Saplings tree dies. A night on the Moon is usually about 2 weeks. Then the temperature dropped significantly. And during the day, the temperature of the moon is 120 degrees Celsius. It tells you that on January 3, 2019, China landed a spacecraft named Chang’e-4 on the Moon, where no country has yet been able to go. It is said that the land of that part of the moon is very high and low.

Inside this vehicle, the geological structure was a device for disintegration. Also in the container in this vehicle, the soil, mustard, potatoes, kapas, Flies eggs and Fungus are provided. But on the moon only Saplings of kapas are able to grow. No other saplings have been produced from the rest of the seeds. But scientists are expecting saplings of potatoes and mustard seeds. The container in which the saplings were planted contained air and water. At the same time, a tube is placed inside the container to allow enough sunlight to penetrate it.

Is moon a planet

With which the sunlight goes inside the container, the process of saplings from the seed begins. But as temperatures drop in the night, the saplings die. With this, the possibility of life on the moon is also considered to be endless. But scientists say that we cannot yet say clearly that life is not possible on the moon. Because the kapas, potatoes and mustard seeds contained in the container, Flies eggs are also kept. Now, it is thought that after producing saplings from all the other seeds, a micro ecosystem will be formed.

Moon surface

The tree will provide oxygen to the Flies. Which will depend on Fungus. And with the help of photosynthesis it will produce the required carbon dioxide. China’s space agency has not yet said whether the Flies eggs have been born or not. But scientists say Flies eggs are lazy organisms. So the flies do not grow out of eggs easily. There is still the possibility of life on the moon. Now the issue is whether Flies will hatch. Guys, what do you think?

Friends, science has become very modern. Maybe there will be more in the future. From the beginning of the universe to the end, we have learned about everything. At one time we thought our world might be the center of the universe. But as science slowly evolved, we learned that the world is not the universe to buy. And this is possible because of the science. Science is always surprising us. The science that we are seeking for life outside the world may one day find itself. Be good Thanks.

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