Novel Coronavirus: Way to prevent this virus

Novel Coronavirus: Way to prevent this virus


Virus is a Latin word, meaning poison. The virus is a type of microorganism. Who can breed inside living cells. They are very microscopic and unicellular. Scientists disagree as to whether the virus will be treated as an organism. But at the present time, the whole world is in panic for a virus. The virus is called Coronavirus. In October 2019, American research firm Johns Hopkins gave a dissertation on his research. According to this study, sixty-five million people on Earth can die in Coronavirus. Just three months after the study, the first Coronavirus appeared on December 31 in Wuhan, China.

The Coronavirus now crosses China, spreading to various cities around the world. From which the death toll is rapidly increasing. Many experts think it has entered humans from another organism. On the other hand, some people say that the scientists of China created the virus to create biological weapons. From which this danger has occurred. Friends you are at fresher for. From today’s discussion, we will know, did China cultivate Coronavirus? At the same time, we will know more about what Coronavirus signs and what experts recommend to prevent it. So guys, today’s discussion is going to be very informative.


The coronavirus of the present day, with China showing the whole world, seems to be a real reflection of the resident evil movie. According to this movie, biochemical weapons and genetic nutrition were shown how to bring about the destruction of human civilization. It was shown in the movie, the virus and cloning process created in the secret laboratory. By applying it to various innocent animals and humans, genetic adaptation occurs. Then turned them into violent monsters, a non-governmental organization plotting to expand the empire. But the adverse reaction to this study started by accident. As a result, millions of people become infected with the virus and become zombies.

Although this movie may seem fictional, it can also become a reality. The epidemic spreading from China to Coronavirus is gradually taking shape. The number of deaths and injuries is gradually increasing. Europe and America have been infected with the virus. The virus is transmitted through air travelers. Spread over Australia and Africa. Activity has spread all over the world, surrounded by two claims. The first is that Israeli intelligence suspects that Chinese military researchers are cultivating the mysterious Coronavirus. The second is the American newspaper washington post, supporting this claim. Israeli biological weapons experts say that the biosafety Level 4 laboratory of Wuhan’s biological weapons factory is the originator of the Coronavirus virus.

SARS virus

It is thought that from this laboratory due to carelessness, the infection of Coronavirus has spread. In fact, China has caused accidents while researching chemical weapons. China is developing massive modernization and technical standards of the military. Research on germ weapons and chemical weapons is also underway. As a part of this study, Chinese military researchers are researching the SARS virus. The full name of SARS, Severe acute respiratory syndrome .The symptoms include fever, cold, cough, and unbearable pain in the body. The result is a terrible death. Another new virus like SARS is the novel coronavirus.

This virus is more deadly and powerful. China has long been studying anti-nuclear weapons, claiming US newspaper Washingtonton Post and Israeli intelligence agencies to occupy the enemy country. The study is under the direction of the Communist Party of China. China did the accident by doing this research. From which today the whole world is terrified. Therefore, the Chinese experts did not think that the virus would carry a terrible shape across the country. The washington post said in its report that the RNA virus was made as a death sentence in China. With the help of this deadly virus, it is possible to kill thousands of people with difficulty. China can manufacture this weapon to capture any enemy country.

China bio warfare

They may be preparing for bio warfare. Chinese carriers are developing a virus that can be spread through missiles, drones, bombs or even a pen in enemy territory. A virus that can cause death within 25 days, a whole big city or province. China called the US newspaper and Israeli intelligence “baseless”. But because no vaccine or drug works as an antidote to the virus, it is suspected that Chinese researchers are. So the virus may become more and more dangerous, within a few days. This is what everyone fears. But scientists are now trying to find out how the virus can be prevented.

News about various viruses, such as SARS or Ebola, is rarely reported in the news. This Coronavirus is the last of them. This coronavirus is a virus that has never spread to humans before. There are several species of Coronavirus. Of which only seven can be infected in human bodies. Scientists say the virus may be infected inside a human body cell. That is, changing the structure is taking a new form. With the number increasing. As a result, it is becoming more and more frightening. The virus causes infections in human lungs. By respiration it spreads from one body to another, to another. Like the common cold, the virus spreads through sneezing and coughing.

Symptoms of coronavirus

A decade ago, a virus called SARS killed 800 people worldwide. That was Coronavirus like this. More than 8000 people were affected. The main symptoms of coronavirus infection are difficulty breathing and cough. But because of this virus, the body’s mutilated organs can cause degeneration, pneumonia and death. Scientists say that it only takes 5 days for the virus to show signs of infection after being inserted into the body. The first symptoms are fever, then dry cough. Within a week the seizures occurred and the patient was admitted to the hospital. How dangerous this virus is, is the biggest question. Currently 2 percent of the victims are dead.

This can lead to more deaths due to Coronavirus. There may also have been deaths that have not been identified. It is not yet clear how dangerous this virus is. Since the virus is so new, there are no vaccines or drugs yet. There is no treatment that can prevent the disease. The only way to avoid this is to avoid contact with those who have been infected. Hong Kong University doctor Gabriel Leung says in a health directive, it should always be kept clean. Have to wash hands frequently. Nose or mouth cannot be rubbed with hands. When you leave the room, you must read the mask. In the city of wuhan Coronavirus, 15 doctors have been attacked, to treat patients affected.

Special Note

But Thailand sees apparent success treating Coronavirus with drug cocktail. Thailand researchers say so. But currently the drug has not yet been implemented. Researchers in Thailand say they still need some time to make the final announcement.

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