Two Weird Powers: Dark matter and Dark energy

Two Weird Powers: Dark matter and Dark energy

Observable universe power

The world Where we have been living for millions of years. But we humans are like a sand in comparison to this world. This vast world is also much smaller than our sun. Even with all the planets in our solar system, the sun cannot be equal. This shows how huge our sun is. But when we look at the night sky, the sight of millions of stars is just a small part of our Milky Way galaxy. According to scientists, there are more than one billion galaxies in our observable universe. Now think about how many planets and stars they have in this universe.

Dark matter and Dark energy

What if, as you know, only 5% of what we see in our universe is part. And 95% of the rest, we still do not see. In today’s discussion we will learn about dark matter and dark energy. When we hear the name of dark matter and dark energy, we come to different questions. Like all these things are made of. And if all of this is over, what will happen to our universe? So guys you are at Fresherfor. From this discussion today, we will try to find out many unknown facts about dark matter and dark energy. The discussion is about to become very informative. Let’s get started.

Friends, first of all, as I said, we can only see 5% of the visible matter in the universe. And 27% of our universe has dark matter. That we know nothing about. For example, what does it look like and what are its properties. And the more we have in our universe, the dark energy is. That’s about 68% of our universe. First of all we will know about the dark matter. Then we will know about dark energy.

Dark matter

Friends, we know that very small part of the universe is vesible. Now you may be wondering, when dark matter cannot be shown, how did scientists know about it? Guys, when scientists study the universe with the help of a telescope, they notice a strange thing. In the universe the gravity of each object is not strong enough to create the galaxy and other objects. If they were strong, they would have been scattered all over the universe instead of the galaxy. The visible matter we have is not strong enough to hold the entire galaxy together. We know that matter produces gravity. Because of this, the galaxy stays together. Or any Planet orbits its stars. Because of the gravity.

Gravity comes from matter. But when scientists calculate the mass of our galaxy, the mass of scientists that get our galaxy was not enough to keep our galaxy together. At the moment, because our galaxy is in full swing together because of gravity, it’s a totally wrong idea. The question then arises in the minds of scientists, what is the invisible force working to keep the entire galaxy together? What is the invisible thing that is working in conjunction with Gravity? Scientists then imagine a matter. That does not reflect the matter. Due to which the matter cannot be detached. Besides, scientists have noticed one more.

Work with gravity

When they were studying all the places in the space where Dark matter is abundant, they noticed strange curves. They see that because of the dark matter, there is a light band. In the meantime there is something in the blank and in the dark space that is also affecting the light. Then scientists named it Dark matter. But friends, unfortunately we do not know what the dark matter really is, and how does it work? All we know is that Dark Matter is in the universe. Because it reacts with gravity to action. According to Einstein’s theory, huge and heavy objects distort space and time. And changes the direction of light. Dark matter changes the direction of light wherever it is. As a result, one can also guess its location.

The dark matter may be very complex and made up of extraordinary particles. Which does not interact or react with any substance. We know that dark matter is not an antimatter. Because the antimatter produces Gamma ray in combination with little substance. We also know that dark matter is not made of black hole. Because dark matter has a lot of stock. So what can it be made of? Most scientists think that it can be made from non-particle matter. All the substances we know, such as electrons, protons, neutrons, are baryonic matter. In this case the dark matter can be made of a substance that we know nothing about.

Dark energy

Now we know about dark energy. Gravity. This power works to keep us and many other things in our universe together. Imagine what would happen if this gravity suddenly disappeared? That would be horrible. Gravity’s power is to unite everything in the universe. But if so, why is our universe constantly growing? There are some things that we cannot see. But it is counteracting the gravitational force. That means opposing gravitational force. In 1929 edwin hubble was studying an exploding star. What we know as Supernova. During that chapter, he sees that our universe is growing at a rapid pace. Also, Edwin hubble looks a little weird when he studies a galaxy.

A few days later, when Edwin hubble saw the galaxy again, he noticed that the galaxy was somewhat red in color. And his intensity was diminishing. We can understand the lower the intensity, the reason why it was happening. Because we know that when an object is going to go away, its intensity is less. But the question is, why was the galaxy becoming red? This is because when distances between the two galaxies increase, space also increases. When space is increasing, the lights have to travel to us more quickly. Then the wavelength of the lights increases. Then it turns red. This process is called Redshift.

Universe is expanding

From this we realized that our universe is expanding. As we also know from the Big Bang Theory. Our universe was spreading very fast at the beginning. Then one thing comes to the fore. That is Gravity. It was thought that due to gravity, the spread of our universe gradually slowed down. But now there is no chance of that happening. From this, it is clear that the constituent is an energy that is acting against gravity. And space is expanding. This energy is very powerful in the universe, above all else. And this energy is named, dark energy. It seems that this energy is getting stronger and stronger.

The great scientist Einstein thought that the empty space we see in our universe is not empty. There is something there too. That we have not been able to see. According to him, there is always the creation of new spaces. Dark matter and dark energy are both completely different. dark energy is responsible for making our universe bigger. And dark matter, along with gravity, is building a big object city. Such as a galaxy. Friends, as I first knew, are only 5% observable matter of what we see in our universe. Now it may be that, while all of that is not visible to us, there is another dimension in our universe.

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