Changing in the universe in one year

Changing in the universe in one year

The universe

All the planets in our solar system, with its moon, are orbiting our sun. In the same way, our sun revolves around Sagittarius A, the galaxy’s center of our Milky Way. At the same time, our Milky Way galaxy is moving in this universe. That too fast. This means that everything in our universe is always in constant motion. And change happens. It starts with a small particle, the Planet, the stars, the galaxy, and our entire universe. The universe is always changing. But it is very slow. Because of this, it takes us millions of years to notice a change.

On the other hand, within a year, much of our earth, solar system, and universe change. For example, every year in our world, the days are getting bigger. The moon is moving away from us every year. And every year, our sun’s temperature is rising. If we talk about our universe, every year, our universe is much bigger and colder than ever. At the same time, in our observable universe, several stars and galaxies are moving out of us. So guys, you are now on “fresher for”. From this discussion today, we will know how much our world, the solar system and the universe change within a year.

Earth time

With one day in our world every year, some extra time is being added. As our world rotates around the sun, it rotates 360 degrees to its axis. And our world fills it one day. But due to the strong tidal force of our Moon and Sun, the rotation of the Earth is slowing down by about 14 nanoseconds every year. This means that compared to our Earth Day every year, 14 nanoseconds is getting bigger. In fact, this change is happening very slowly. Because of this, we do not understand it, in ordinary life. But if this process continues like this, the extras will one day be added to our world after 4 million years. Then we will have 366 days a year, not 365 days on earth.

Moon moving

Each year our moon is moving away from our earth. There is only one moon in our world. But it is slowly, moving away from our world. The rotation of our earth in its axis is slowing down. As a result, its angular momentum is decreasing. Due to the world’s angular momentum and tidal force, our moon is moving about 4 centimeters away from us every year. But if the Moon is moving away from our Earth in this way, it will be out of the Earth’s Gravitational Force for the next 1 billion years. This means that after the next 1 billion years, our moon will stop orbiting the earth.

Sun heat

Each year, our sun is getting warmer, more and more. The sun is the chief of our solar system. And the nearest star to our planet. Our sun is fusing its hydrogen every year. As a result, his core is getting heavier. To keep that stable, our sun is fusing more hydrogen each year to helium. This is because the sun is getting brighter and warmer than last year. The impact of it is so minimal in our world that we cannot feel it in our daily life. The sun will thus continue to increase heat and brightness. So within the next 2 billion years, our sun will increase its heat to such an extent that all the oceans stored in our earth will be completely dry.

Milky Way

Every year on our Galaxy Milky Way, new stars are being born. Our universe, in the present, is much more developed and quiet than in the past. Due to the lack of raw material, the speed of construction of new stars here is much slower than before. Still on our Milky Way, there is a huge amount of gas and dust clouds. Which is being collapse due to gravity. These processes continue for many billions of years. As a result, from that cloud of gas, stars are formed. Currently in our galaxy every year, new stars equal to 0.68 solar mass are being born. This means that every two years in our galaxy, a star like the sun is being born.

You might think this rate of star birth is low. But in cosmic terms this speed is good enough. About 11 billion years ago, the birth rate of stars in our galaxy was much higher. At that time, on the Milky Way, about 13 stars were born each year.

Universe temperature

Each year, our universe is getting more and more cold. The construction of our universe took place 13.8 billion years ago from a Big Bang explosion. The Baby Universe was pretty hot at the beginning. The average temperature of the universe at that time was up to several million degrees. Over time, our universe spreads around. And gradually its temperature also goes down. Currently the average temperature in our universe is -270.4 degrees Celsius. Each year our universe is getting colder than last year. But this speed is very low. If the universe were to cool down like this, it would be absolutely zero (–273.15) degrees Celsius within the next few million billion years. It’s such a temperature, where the atom stops moving.

Universe spread

Every year our universe is growing. As we all know, the construction of our universe took place 13.8 billion years ago from a Big Bang explosion. And ever since then, our universe is growing at a much faster rate than light. This speed is so high that it cannot be imagined. Edwin hubble was the first to demonstrate the spread of the universe. Many people think dark matter is responsible for the spread of the universe. I have already discussed what is dark matter. Scientists think our universe is spreading around 6.5 light years every year. That’s a lot more speed.

Observable universe

The observable universe is getting smaller. Friends, we all know that our universe is expanding at a faster rate than light. Because of this, the stars and galaxies, which are a few billion light years away from us, are moving farther away from us. Which is beyond the bounds of our observable universe. We can only study a few billion light years away, galaxies and stars. It can be said that all the stars and galaxies are moving beyond our observable universe. According to scientists, about 20 million stars annually are moving out of our visible universe. The stars and galaxies we will never be able to study.


The age of our human race is no more than a few moments, as we compare the age of this vast universe. And in the meantime we have made Norman the great telescope to know our universe. That was only decades. Our universe is changing every moment, every day and every year. That we, ordinary people, cannot experience in daily life. But in the next few million or billions of years, all these small changes will change the human, the earth, the solar system, and the entire universe. Then the view of our universe will be completely changed.

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